Masterpiece Creations: Color and Shapes!


Paul Klee was a master artist and he loved colors. We are going to recreate one of his most famous paintings called “Castle and Sun”.

What is needed for this project is one piece of your favorite color paper and any different colored pieces of chalk you can find.

Start by drawing an outline of your castle on the paper with a light colored piece of chalk. Be sure to leave room in the sky for a sun to be added later.

Once you have the outline you can fill it in with all sorts of geometric shapes. Make them big and small. (Squares, rectangles, and triangles all work nicely)


Now that the guidelines are in place, use chalk to fill in the shapes with as many different colors as you can find. (Try to give each shape a color different than the ones next to it)

My favorite part of using chalk is getting my fingers dirty and blending. Use your fingers to rub the chalk and smooth out the colors making sure they fill their shapes all the way to the lines.


Once your castle is finished, use your favorite bright colors and swirl them around to make a sun. Again use your fingers to blend the sun like you did the shapes in the castle.


Your finished product should be a fun collaboration of shape and color that would make Mr. Paul Klee very happy!

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Have fun!


Kevin Bartle

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