Masterpiece Conversations: Paul Klee


Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

Playing pretend. Using our imaginations. Creating something wonderful out of something ordinary.

There is great freedom in the creativity of a child. Their perspective is fresh and new. Using just a few lines, shapes, and colors a child can make a masterpiece. The Swiss artist, Paul Klee, knew this well. He used geometric shapes and basic colors to create something amazing in his masterpiece, Castle and Sun!

Paul Klee was known for his “childlike” art. He grew up with professional musicians as parents. He loved music at a young age. Do you know another famous artist inspired by music? Kandinsky! Both Klee and Kandinsky were instructors at the same school of art. I think if you take the time to really observe their works you can hear the musicality within them!


Reflection Questions:

What is in this painting?

What shapes do you see?

What colors can you find?

What color pops out the most to you?

Have you ever seen a castle? Does this castle look like the one you saw? How is it different?

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