Fireflies Presents: F is for FIREFLY!


Fireflies Presents celebrates the imagination and creativity of what it means to be a child.

Our Fireflies Presents scripts are filled with original poems and songs, along with adorable hand-drawn illustrations that you can easily turn into puppets! It is our hope that the content of these pages will invite your family to create your very own “evening of the arts”! We’ve kept it simple — promise!


Our current script F is for FIREFLY is a bug themed packet sure to spark the creativity of your little one! F is for FIREFLY is available for purchase HERE


We have designed our unique puppet theater available for purchase for Fireflies Presents.

Inquire about ordering a Fireflies Puppet Theater HERE

Family Sing-a-Long    Away in the Manger

Fireflies Puppet Theater

OR to get started
you can throw a tablecloth across a curtain rod suspended in a door frame! Quick and easy!



Jocelyn Bartle

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