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Mason Jar STORY Prompt


IMAGINE… Who lives here?

Could it be a tiny fairy? A crawling caterpillar? How about a cute little ladybug? Maybe a grasshopper?

Create a fun living space and let your child’s imagination do the rest! Grab a mason jar (the larger the better) and fill it with items that will spark your child’s creativity.

  • Create land by using fake moss, fake grass, stones, or even felt.
  • Create a water element with blue-toned stones or felt.
  • Add your own special touches! You could use tiny figures like I did or add other natural elements like twigs, leaves, and sprigs of plants.


Have your child use their mason jar environment as inspiration for a STORY! Below you will find instructions and a template for a super easy mason jar book that you can make with your little one. Invite them to fill the pages with writings or illustrations detailing the adventures of their imaginary character who dwells in their jar. 

Mason Jar Book



  • 9×12 Cardstock (two pieces of chosen cover/back color)
  • Writing Paper (Illustrating Paper for younger students)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • FREE Mason Jar Template HERE!


  • Trace the mason jar template onto both pieces of cardstock. Cut out.
  • Trace the mason jar template onto your writing (or illustrating) paper. Cut out. Repeat this step for the number of pages you would like to include in your book.
  • Assemble your cover, pages, and backing. Hole punch two holes at the neck of the jar through all your sheets of paper.
  • Use twine to string through the holes and tie at the front of your book.

Make the book cover your own! You could add yellow fingerprint “fireflies” using tempera paint or glue down a piece of foil to create the metal lid.



Jocelyn Bartle

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