Time of Wonder

Author and Illustrator:  Robert McCloskey


At the water’s edge on a foggy morning in the early spring you feel as though you were standing alone on the edge of nowhere.

It is a time of wonder –

RM-MP61This is the classic story of one summer spent on an island in Maine.  The language is so vibrant that you just may actually hear Harry Smith over at Blastow’s Cove start the engine of his lobster boat as he leaves to go pull his traps.  Back from the shore the trees look like ghosts. The forest is so quiet you may hear an insect boring a tunnel deep inside a log.  The reason you’re having trouble reading may be due to the intense fog in the bay. . .

Join excited children as they jump off high rocks into the water, build sandcastles when the tide is out, slowly row a boat through the water as you search for crabs, and lie in the quiet of the night as the stars gaze down upon you.

RM-MP63All too soon, summer has come to an end.  The family takes a farewell look at the waves and the sky; a farewell sniff of the salty sea.


It is a time of quiet wonder –

Mary Byrne Kline




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