The Girl and the Bicycle

Author & Illustrator: Mark Pett

IMG_3224-001-1024x768This is perhaps the dearest wordless book I have ever come across.  It is not only touching, but carries a message of selflessness and sweet surprises.  The drawings are deceptively simple, which not only adds to the charm of the book, but allows the reader to follow the action without getting confused by extraneous details.

Follow the little girl through each season of the year as she diligently perseveres doing a variety of chores; all with the goal of earning enough money to buy a bicycle that she longs to own.


There are subtle hints throughout the vintage illustrated drawings as you “read” the story as to what may happen to the little girl at the end.  But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the added little heartwarming plot twist that is rather unexpected.

Selflessness and sweet surprises – that is The Girl and The Bicycle.

Download: How to Read a Wordless Book

A bonus download for Father’s Day from Candlewick Press:  A pop-up “I LOVE YOU” card.


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