Masterpiece Creations: Imagination Inspirations from Rockwell


Hopefully you found tons of inspiration from the discussions earlier this week on Norman Rockwell. If you missed it, be sure to check out the post HERE for a springboard into this art project!

Now let’s create! Sometimes Rockwell left his paintings incomplete. He didn’t paint a background. This gives us a wonderful chance to imagine what that background might be. In our project this month, we’re going to use art to finish telling the story around Rockwell’s masterpiece Adventures Between Adventures.

This project is super easy and super fun! First you are going to start with characters inspired from Rockwell’s art piece. Then YOU (the artist) can choose what your background is going to look like. Take the template provided, color it in and then draw and color the background you want to see. It  can be a river, a lake, an ocean, daytime, nighttime, it can be whatever you want (YOU are the artist). I have included a few example pieces to help get you started. I used watercolors for one and colored pencils for the other. Feel free to experiment and use your favorite medium. We want our young artists’ creativity to flourish, so my examples use simple shapes and colors. I did not focus heavily on techniques like shading. The goal is for this to be easy, fun and get the creative juices flowing.



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Have fun!


Kevin Bartle

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