This is a Girlfriend


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Do you remember the childhood song, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold“?

We invite you to listen to the story of six young girls who became the best of friends in middle school, and continued that special bond for 20 years.
They consider theirs a platinum friendship.

You’ll hear part 1 of their story on this Chasing Fireflies Podcast.

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  1. Deni Corbett says:

    I am so excited for our Fireflies readers to hear the beginning of our new podcast series, This is a Girlfriend. Hopefully it will remind you of someone you hold close as a friend. Maybe by listening, you will be encouraged to reach out and renew a trusted friendship. Perhaps you will find ways to move from a gold-status friendship into a platinum one. Let us know what you think about “This is a Girlfriend” Part 1.

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