Author & Illustrator:  Lindsey Yankey



The wind is missing! Little Bluebird has never flown without her friend the wind before and is afraid to try. So she sets off on an adventure to find it.

Is it making wishes with the dandelions? Playing with the kites? Tickling the grass? Dancing with the balloons? She searches everywhere. In the end, she finds more than her favorite friend–she finds confidence too!


I love this book, in fact I’ve already purchased 4 of them to give away.  The lavish illustrations are the main reason I knew this book was mine after I discovered it in a small boutique bookstore in Georgia.  The double-page spreads of this oversized book are illustrated in muted neutrals (just look at the colors used…) and delicate line drawings.  Yankey’s use of an aerial perspective inspires the young reader to turn the book upside down in order to view all the details of the illustrated park and city pages.  The use of pen and ink drawings along with collage create a visual treasure especially on the wallpaper and scarf patterns.


A visual feast, reading this book with your child will send their imagination soaring.


Have the child discover Bluebird’s location on each page as well as the evidence of the wind’s absence.

  • motionless sails on the toy boats
  • a drooping flag
  • laundry hanging on a clothes line.

Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey is a new-found favorite of mine – a visual picture book feast with a delightful storyline.

Deni Corbett

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