Review: Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday

Author, Illustrator (and Fireflies’ friend!):  Carol Heyer

A new follow-up to the popular Humphrey’s First Christmas that finds Humphrey in the midst of Jesus’ triumphal entry.The delightfully goofy camel we met in Humphrey’s First Christmas is back, three decades older and not much wiser. He wants nothing more than to be the lead camel in the caravan, so he can improve his view. When the caravan leads him to Jerusalem, he crosses paths with Jesus making his triumphal entry. Humphrey is delighted to see Jesus, now a grown man, and remembers the Child to whom he gave his coveted blanket all those years ago in Bethlehem.

Through his somewhat comical, but ever so endearing antics, Humphrey displays his earnestness once again at wanting to be recognized for the greatness he feels is deep within him.

How easy it is to identify with this loving camel! For it is only when he takes his eyes off himself and recognizes the man, once a child to whom he had given his own blanket, that he is content to be a follower.

“GLORIOUS, Most Magnificent and Wondrous Leader of All…
they call Him…


Are you looking for a perfect new book to share with your child this Easter?  One that is both humorous and endearing? Here is a book that both entertains and informs without ever straying from the meaning of Palm Sunday and the Easter holiday.   Order Carol Heyer’s book today!
We are crazy about Humphrey and know you will be too.
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Mary Byrne Kline




  1. Thank you so much Mary for this wonderful review of Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday! I’m glad you can identify with Humphrey! I always said I channeled my inner camel when I wrote these stories. I love Fireflies and am always following your wonderful blog! Humphrey and I send everyone our wishes for a Happy Easter season! Carol

    P.S. It was so much fun to learn that this is the year of the camel. I’m sure Humphrey would be pleased! :0)

  2. We had no idea it was the year of the camel! All the more reason to get this book… 😉

  3. This book looks so adorable and 2013 is the year of the camel~

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