Authors:  J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian
Illustrator:  Jeremy Holmes


Love ice-cream so much that you wish your car was made out of it? Well, in this book you’ll find the “Motor Dairy” and One Sweet Deal!  The Banana Split Car!

“That’s not brown paint, It’s chocolate fudge.

And here and there, A whipped-cream smudge.”

Or maybe you would like a car with a little more excitement.   I’d suggest the Supersonic Ionic Car.

“It’s loaded with features like video screens.  And more room inside than most stretch limousines.

It cruises at 500 miles per hour.  And runs on spaghetti and nuclear power.”

And there’s more!  A dragonwagon. . . a Tyrannosaurus wreck . . . a  sloppy-floppy-nonstop-jalopy. . . Zoom into this book to find twenty-one zany and wonderful, wacky creations that will have you laughing and singing to these crazy car poems.   The beautiful illustrations, with intricate details and colors, are spread over the entire pages of the book.


Older readers will be amused by the entertaining text filled and everyone will be challenged to begin looking for “cars” in new and unusual places after reading this delightful book.


 Mary Byrne Kline

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