Amazing Grace

Author:  Mary Hoffman
Illustrator:  Caroline Binch

765193Grace had quite an imagination.  She listened with fascination as her Nana told her stories from her childhood.   She pretended she was the main character in a favorite storybook, or simply made up tales out of her own head.  Acting out stories was her favorite thing to do, even if she had to play all the parts.


When Grace found out that her class at school was going to do the play Peter Pan, she knew at once that she wanted to audition for the starring role, but her friends objected.  She simply cannot play Peter Pan, they told her.  With the help of her family, Grace must decide if she can fly outside the limits and make her dream come true.


Grace is accustomed to the freedom she finds in books and the safety that surrounds her at home.  It is within the security of her family that she develops her strong character.

  1. How do the pictures in the book show that Grace is part of a loving family?
  2. What is the most interesting character Grace pretends to be?
  3. Why would Grace want to play the part of Peter Pan?
  4. Why did seeing Rosalie in the ballet encourage Grace?

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