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Working with Cardboard Tutorial
Link:  ikatbag

Begin with the tutorial above from I Kat Bag that covers everything you ever wanted to know about working with cardboard – all types of cardboard.  Before reading this post, I honestly had never thought about all of the different options in cardboard.    After watching this tutorial, you will be inspired by the following posts to make some wonderfully innovative creations – all from a box.  And don’t miss the must-have cardboard tool kit at the end of this post.

Idea Blog #1

Get Crafty with Boxes
Link: Red Ted Art Blog

Inspiration Blog #2
7 Tips for Working With Cardboard
Check out this great tool kit for working with cardboard!
MakeDo Kit’s Product Description:
So long, empty cereal boxes, plastic bottles and old CDs piling up in the trash. Hello, magical playhouse, flying car and anything else your creative mind can imagine. With Makedo FreePlay Kit for One, you can recycle common household items into limitless creations using the kit’s fasteners, connectors and plastic safe-saw. The parts are all reusable so when you’re done with one creation, just pull it apart and make another one. Whatever you decide to make, you’ll exercise creativity and coordination skills while turning trash into treasure and learning about sustainability.”

Check out their incredible website.  Go straight to SHOWCASE – you will be amazed!
Kits are also available on Amazon.

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