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Review: Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday

Author, Illustrator (and Fireflies’ friend!):  Carol Heyer

A new follow-up to the popular Humphrey’s First Christmas that finds Humphrey in the midst of Jesus’ triumphal entry.The delightfully goofy camel we met in Humphrey’s First Christmas is back, three decades older and not much wiser. He wants nothing more than to be the lead camel in the caravan, so he can improve his view. When the caravan leads him to Jerusalem, he crosses paths with Jesus making his triumphal entry. Humphrey is delighted to see Jesus, now a grown man, and remembers the Child to whom he gave his coveted blanket all those years ago in Bethlehem.

Through his somewhat comical, but ever so endearing antics, Humphrey displays his earnestness once again at wanting to be recognized for the greatness he feels is deep within him.

How easy it is to identify with this loving camel! For it is only when he takes his eyes off himself and recognizes the man, once a child to whom he had given his own blanket, that he is content to be a follower.

“GLORIOUS, Most Magnificent and Wondrous Leader of All…
they call Him…


Are you looking for a perfect new book to share with your child this Easter?  One that is both humorous and endearing? Here is a book that both entertains and informs without ever straying from the meaning of Palm Sunday and the Easter holiday.   Order Carol Heyer’s book today!
We are crazy about Humphrey and know you will be too.
LISTEN to our podcast with author (and friend) Carol Heyer.
Mary Byrne Kline




Authors:  J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian
Illustrator:  Jeremy Holmes


Love ice-cream so much that you wish your car was made out of it? Well, in this book you’ll find the “Motor Dairy” and One Sweet Deal!  The Banana Split Car!

“That’s not brown paint, It’s chocolate fudge.

And here and there, A whipped-cream smudge.”

Or maybe you would like a car with a little more excitement.   I’d suggest the Supersonic Ionic Car.

“It’s loaded with features like video screens.  And more room inside than most stretch limousines.

It cruises at 500 miles per hour.  And runs on spaghetti and nuclear power.”

And there’s more!  A dragonwagon. . . a Tyrannosaurus wreck . . . a  sloppy-floppy-nonstop-jalopy. . . Zoom into this book to find twenty-one zany and wonderful, wacky creations that will have you laughing and singing to these crazy car poems.   The beautiful illustrations, with intricate details and colors, are spread over the entire pages of the book.


Older readers will be amused by the entertaining text filled and everyone will be challenged to begin looking for “cars” in new and unusual places after reading this delightful book.


 Mary Byrne Kline

Fireflies Presents: D is for DRAGON

Fireflies Presents celebrates the imagination and creativity of what it means to be a child.

Fireflies Presents is designed for one or more children between the ages of 3 – 8, the younger the child(ren) the more parent involvement is needed in the area of “performance” – but either way, very little preparation or practice is required. Non-readers can take center stage as easily as young readers. We kept it simple…promise!


Each Fireflies Presents has a read-along recommendation.   This precious story is filled with sweet illustrations and will be sure to delight your little one.


When Ryan discovers a golden egg he can’t wait to get it home to show Mom and Dad. Much to their surprise the egg suddenly hatches a baby fire dragon! Ryan adores his loveable dragon, Crumpet. From the start they were very best friends! As Crumpet starts to grow he becomes hotter and hotter… and HOTTER! Will Crumpet be able to remain part of Ryan’s family? This must-read helps us see how a problem can turn into a blessing in disguise!

After enjoying this fiery tale we encourage you to continue making memories by hosting your very own Fireflies Presents. We are excited to present our newest script D is for Dragon!


The current script D is for Dragon is available for purchase HERE.

Our script is filled with original content and illustrations to help spark your family on their creative journey.

Family Sing-a-Long    Away in the Manger

We have designed our unique puppet theater available for purchase for Fireflies Presents.

Inquire about ordering a Fireflies Puppet Theater HERE

OR to get started
you can throw a tablecloth across a curtain rod suspended in a door frame! Quick and easy!



Jocelyn Bartle

Amazing Grace

Author:  Mary Hoffman
Illustrator:  Caroline Binch

765193Grace had quite an imagination.  She listened with fascination as her Nana told her stories from her childhood.   She pretended she was the main character in a favorite storybook, or simply made up tales out of her own head.  Acting out stories was her favorite thing to do, even if she had to play all the parts.


When Grace found out that her class at school was going to do the play Peter Pan, she knew at once that she wanted to audition for the starring role, but her friends objected.  She simply cannot play Peter Pan, they told her.  With the help of her family, Grace must decide if she can fly outside the limits and make her dream come true.


Grace is accustomed to the freedom she finds in books and the safety that surrounds her at home.  It is within the security of her family that she develops her strong character.

  1. How do the pictures in the book show that Grace is part of a loving family?
  2. What is the most interesting character Grace pretends to be?
  3. Why would Grace want to play the part of Peter Pan?
  4. Why did seeing Rosalie in the ballet encourage Grace?