“Tell Me a Story” Box: My Heart Is Like a Zoo

It’s story time! This month’s TMAS box is based on the precious book, My Hearts Is Like a Zoo. This book is a great example of how one object can spur creativity and through imagination turn into something entirely different. The author takes the simple heart shape to create adorable zoo animals that delight children and parents alike. Our TMAS Box experience invites you to take common objects to use as inspiration for a storytelling moment with your little one.

New to our TMAS Box experience?  Click Here for more information on how to set up your box, as well as a few sample questions to get your storytelling conversation started!

Here are a few possible prompt ideas inspired by My Hearts Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall:

  • Zoo animals**
  • Rock
  • Feather
  • Felt: blue, green, and black (I like to provide the felt as a staple item to help prompt the story setting)

Remember to keep your items to a limited quantity. Too many prompts can overwhelm your child. Choose simple items that will engage their senses and inspire them to create their unique story!


** I had miniature animal toys at home, so that was my go-to. If you don’t have zoo animals in your play bin you can use other resources! Grab a nature magazine and cut out pictures of the animals (or print off your computer). Your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby will have adorable painted wood cut-outs that would work perfectly, too!


Jocelyn Bartle

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