“Tell Me a Story” Box: Journey

“Tell Me a Story” Box

It’s time to fill your TMAS box with new stoytelling prompts.  What’s a TMAS box?  Click Here

Oh, how I love wordless books! They are such an invitation into imagination! The amazing book, Journey by Aaron Becker is no exception. I encourage you to truly soak up this tale with your child – allow the illustrations to lead you on an adventure of new worlds and daring experiences. By the book’s end I’m sure your child will be excited to imagine their next adventure! Why not use this to inspire your next family storytelling experience?

Here are a few prompt ideas to get you started:

  • Red pipe cleaners (have your child mold them into their creations)
  • Blue felt to represent water
  • Green felt to represent land
  • A key
  • A purple bird


Remember to keep your items to a limited quantity. Too many prompts can overwhelm your child. Choose 3-5 items that will inspire them to create a simple story. Fill up your box, invite your precious one to curl up on the couch with you, and begin imagining together!

Parents, please don’t forget to take a turn at the storytelling! Remember to keep your stories simple. You want your little one to feel their efforts match yours. Create an inviting storytelling experience for your kiddo. They will love making these memories with you!

Jocelyn Bartle

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