Crayons & Circles

What fun!    Food & an art project to share with  your children after reading
The Noisy Paint Box.

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Fast – Easy – Fun – Delightful

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  • Candy melts (food coloring if using white)
  • Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twists
    (or break regular pretzels in half)
  • Colored paper (thinner colored paper works best)
  • Tape

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Prepare the candy melts according to the directions on package.

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Dip both sides into the melted candy. (I actually used a small spoon to pour a small amount on each end.)  Shake off the excess and lay on the waxed paper to dry.

photo (79)Note:  The store only had these Rold Gold pretzels which came yogurt covered.  DON’T use these – the candy didn’t want to adhere to the yogurt covering and it is totally unnessary to spend the extra money on these.  However, they are the perfect size for this project – just buy the regular Rold Gold pretzels.

While pretzels are drying, print the pretzel crayon wrapper templates onto colored paper. Cut out the wrappers.

photo (80)

Wrap the pretzels with the colored wrappers and close with transparent tape.  I put the tape on one end of the wrapper before wrapping around the pretzel.

photo (81)Seriously – aren’t these adorable?

If you want to go all out, then why not create a crayon box?   There are lots of crayon box templates available online! (Go for it – I will the next time we make crayon pretzels.)

Wrapper Templates
I printed mine on lightweight construction paper.
Card stock or regular construction paper is too stiff to wrap around the pretzels.

red crayon – blue crayon – yellow crayon


KANDINSKY Art Projects

A Kandinsky art project for young children.
All you need is some lids and tempura paint

For older children – a video demonstrating how to use oil pastels.


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