Create Colorful Poetry


Here are two types of color poems to create with your child after reading The Noisy Paint Box together.   For the first poem, choose a color that comes to mind and use it at the beginning of each line of your poem. You do not need to pick your favorite color; it might be a color you use to represent things you don’t like.

Example #1

Black is a dark wintry day
Black is cold
Black is scary
Black is thundery clouds
Black is ready to rain
Black is how I feel in a thunder-storm.

In this poem, you see the writer using black as a color that reminds them of a storm ready to break. The writer is telling us they are frightened in storms and that black to them is a scary color because a dark sky represents a coming storm.

The second poem is a five senses color poem.  Choose a color and again use it at the beginning of each line adding but this time, use it to describe five different things.

Example #2

Green looks like a weeping willow tree,
Green sounds like a croaking frog,
Green smells like freshly mown grass,
Green tastes like mint ice-cream,
Green feels like spring.

In this five-senses color poem, you can tell this writer loves spring and the outdoors. The writer is telling us that green reminds them of things they would do in the outdoors on a warm spring day by describing “green” though using the senses.

bambina divertente

Read The Noisy Paint Box together as a family and then hand each family member a piece of paper to create their own Color poem.  Bind all together and create a family COLOR poetry book complete with illustrations to place on your home library shelf (you do have one, right?).   Consider turning all poems over and then drawing a random poem to illustrate.   Dad illustrates Mommy’s poem etc.    We would LOVE to see a pictures of your family legacy moments and the finished results!   EMAIL us and share your pictures – Thanks in advance.

1 line Zaner-Bloser handwriting template

3 line Zaner-Bloser handwriting template

6 line Zaner-Bloser handwriting template

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