Rosie Revere

Author:  Andrea Beaty
Illustrator:  David Roberts


Children are blessed with glorious imaginations and Rosie Revere is no exception!  She may appear shy, but on the inside lives a wildly creative little inventor who dreams of becoming a great engineer.  Alone in her room at night, Rosie constructs hot dog dispensers, helium pants, python-repelling cheese hats – all from odds and ends.  However, afraid of failure, she hides them under her bed.

And that’s how it went until one autumn day.
Her oldest relation showed up for a stay.

Her great-great-aunt Rose was a true dynamo

who’d worked building airplanes a long time ago.

Great-great-Aunt Rose arrives with a dream in her heart and a lesson for  little Rosie. Is failure  always a “bad” thing?   What can we learn through our failures?  Through the loving and fun mentorship of her Aunt, Rosie began to find herself spurred on to success through a process of discovery.
“Your brilliant first flop was a raging success!

Come on, let’s get busy and on to the next!”

And so, together, they work on Rosie’s Great Aunt’s dream.   Dreams are better when they are shared. And the only true failure comes if you quit.

1.  What facts or ideas show that Rosie wanted to be an engineer?

2.  Why was Uncle Fred’s cheese hat a failure?

3.  Do you agree with Great Aunt Rose when she said, “Your brilliant first flop was a raging success!”? Why or why not?


Watch an informative video by author, Andrea Beaty.

If you have Legos around the house, here’s a great project to go along with Rosie to create as a family!

Build a LEGO Candy Dispenser