Reflections: Calendars and Coats

I delight in using my calendar for the New Year, the purchase of which  has taken a great deal of time and thought.  I perused each and every calendar in the kiosk at the mall during December, searching for that perfect monthly scene that would inspire and spark something within me, and make each day just a little brighter.  I confess, I am a calendar snob.  None of that “Dogs-Dressed-Like-Divas-A-Day” for me!

Growing up, our new calendar each year was provided by “Harry’s Heat & Plumbing.”  To say I was not enamored with pictures of heat pumps, air conditioning units,  and water heaters is an understatement.

I’ve settled on a lovely calendar filled with expressive photographs, paired with quotes on Living Simply.  Guess it’s time to begin filling in my days: goodness! three parties, company coming two different times,  three family member’s birthdays, taking several trips…

Hmm – about that living simply. January’s quote is “The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”  (Havelock Ellis) I can’t help but smile at the memory of those old “Harry’s” calendars and how my sisters and I would make fun of them.  Now that’s one old memory I could easily have let go of – but so many more I cling to…

photo (73)

One of my upcoming trips is to see my younger sister in New Mexico; a trip that will involve that fine mingling of “letting go and holding on.” You couldn’t imagine two sisters more different than the two of us. Yet our love for one another is true and fierce.  Being the middle sister, I rarely got anything new.  I received my older sister’s hand-me-downs and believe it or not I also got my younger sister’s hand-me-ups! We were so close in size and she usually outgrew things before I did.  Since her fashion sense was always better than mine, I never really minded.

But one winter all three of us girls needed winter coats at the same time. Oh glory! I was actually going to get a new coat! Older sister, Lynda, chose a lovely coat with a fur collar, younger sister, Barb, picked a fashionable tan with an adorable furry hood, and me – well, I went all out with the brightest red I could find! Everyone would know I had a new coat!

Barb and I don’t always agree on things. But we’ve learned to “let go” – we’ve chosen to “hold on” to what is important.  Our memories of being kids together, so many things we’ve shared through joys, heartache, and just life itself.  Now this dear sister is facing some serious health issues and our times together are even more precious.  We seem to be “holding on” a little tighter now.

I’ve picked out a special calendar to take to Barb on this visit.  It has special meaning and we will both have a good laugh. No, it’s not from “Harry’s”!  Since I live in Florida and it’s going to be cold, Barb said not to worry about bringing a coat, that she would have one for me.  I only hope it’s NOT red!

Mary Kline

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