Tell Me a Story: Nutcracker

The holiday season is brimming with the spirit of joy, love, and excitement. Why not use this seasonal spark to help create a cozy, Christmas story hour! A warm blanket spread on the floor, a crackling fire, and a delicious plate of Christmas cookies. Gather your family around your “Tell Me a Story” box and let your imaginations soar!

After enjoying the classic tale of The Nutcracker, review the progression of the story with your child. Look carefully at the beautiful illustrations as you guide them through the story sequence. Let this precious time truly absorbing the book inspire great family conversations. This tale contains wonderful, teachable moments.

  • The Nutcracker and Marie both showed great bravery as they fought the Mouse King. Ask your child if they have ever been brave despite being scared. Invite your child to share a time when they had to muster up their courage and make a brave choice.
  • Conflict resolution. Fritz was upset that Marie received the Nutcracker and he ended up breaking him. Ask your child what they thought about the choice Fritz made – would they have made a different one? What do you do when you’re upset with someone?
  • Special gifts. Ask your child if they have ever received a very special gift like Marie did in the story. What was it? Who was it from? Ask your child if they know about God’s special gift to us. Discuss with your child God’s gift of Jesus and our salvation.

Now you’re ready to introduce this month’s “Tell Me a Story” box! It will be based on The Nutcracker, so choose prompts that will reflect the Christmas spirit. Remember to keep your items to a limited quantity. Too many prompts can overwhelm your child. Choose 3-5 items that will engage their senses and inspire them to create a simple story.

image (9)

Here are a few prompt ideas inspired by The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers:

  • Christmas ornament
  • Nutcracker
  • Small wrapped present – for an added element create the present so it can be opened to reveal a tiny item of your choice inside
  • Snowflake – you can use another ornament or simply cut one out of paper
  • Tulle (texture)
  • Jingle bell (sound)
  • Fresh-cut Evergreen (smell)
  • Candy cane (smell)
  • Cinnamon stick (smell)

Moms and Dads, please take a turn at the storytelling as well. Your child will love creating with you! Keep your stories simple, so your little one will feel their efforts match yours. Create an inviting, safe storytelling environment for your kiddo. They will cherish these memories!

To complete your experience try to find a local dance company performing the ballet of the Nutcracker. Your little one might have a friend in ballet class – you could attend their recital! What a special treat for your child and the little performer!

Jocelyn Bartle

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