Gift #2: Jumpstart Storytelling

For those of you who follow Fireflies, you know that each month we share ideas for our Tell Me a Story Box (TMAS).   Here is another idea that is easy to create and will spark imaginative narratives during the holidays.    Place is a small fabric bag or a 4″ by 6″ box and place under your tree.  Why not create a set for cousins or best friends?

Jumpstart Storytelling by Creating Storytelling Blocks: 2X2

photo (68)


Wooden blocks (Craft store or see link below)  2″ by 2″
ModPodge and brush
Images of family members (persons & pets)
Cut the images so they are smaller than 2X2.    I cropped each of my images to 1.8X1.8
Images of places – 6
  family homes, vacation locations, historical sites, states, international landmarks
Images of things – 6
  favorite toys, misc items (nouns)

photo (66)

Players roll / drop the three blocks on the rug and tell a story that must include a person, place, and thing that is face up on the blocks.  We have 12 family members that we wanted to include in our family story time, so I made two ‘person’ blocks.

photo (70)

There are obviously no rules here – create whatever you want and enjoy creating memorable stories.   (Be ready to hit “record” on your phone’s audio app. and capture family storytelling treasures.)

These blocks are 1.5″ –  make sure to make your images slightly smaller so there is no overlap.

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