On A Beam Of Light

Author:  Jennifer Berne

Illustrator:  Vladimir Radunsky

“Over 100 years ago, as the stars swirled in the sky, as the Earth circled the sun, as the March winds blew through a little town by a river, a baby boy was born. 

His parents named him Albert.”


 Can you guess who this little Albert grew up to be?

Even as a young child, Albert Einstein was endlessly distracted by the wonder of the world around him.   Riding his bicycle down a dusty road caused his curiosity to imagine himself traveling at a speed beyond imagining, “on a beam of light.”  He felt he was racing through space.  And it filled his mind with questions.


Albert began to read and study everything he could about light, sound, gravity, and magnetism.  He loved working with numbers.  Everywhere Albert went he would think and think. His thinking and figuring helped prove that everything in the world is made of atoms. Even us!  He did not like to wear socks and he said playing his violin always helped him figure out problems.  One of his favorite places was his little sailboat.  Perhaps that is where he learned so much about motion.


Albert’s thinking helped us understand our universe as no one ever had before.

1.  How did Albert’s lump of sugar and pipe smoke help him learn about atoms?

2.  Why do you think the author chose “On A Beam of Light” for the title of the story?

3.  Do you think it is important to ask questions? Dream? Imagine?