My Bio Poem!



An American statesman,
A patriot and diplomat
A writer
A scientist


Sharing ideas freely
Using his imagination
To help others

Signed the Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States

The Franklin Stove, bi-focal eyeglasses, and the lightning rod,
“Early to bed, and early to rise,
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Author: Susan R. Stein


Have your child write their own biography poem using the following format:

Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of…
Line 4: Lover of
Line 5: Who fears…
Line 6: Who needs…
Line 7: Who gives…
Line 8: Who would like to see…
Line 9: Resident of…
Line 10: Last Name (or Nickname)

Cute Young Boy Playing with Soccer Ball Outdoors in the Park.


Curious, loving, neat, shy.
Son of a busy dad.
Lover of spiders, animals, and books.
Who feels timid, cool, and hopeful.
Who fears speedboats, bullies, and mean dogs.

Who would like to see the White House, a Tim Tebow, and a pyramid
Resident of Florida.

Soccer Boy