What’s up with Blue, Mr. Picasso?!

There’s so much that can be said about the hue of blue!
  • Blue is associated with peace, tranquility, of quietness, stillness, loyalty
  • It is the color associated with the mother of Jesus, Mary.
  • It is a color that you can almost hear when you go “shhhhhhhh”

Pablo Picasso had a “blue” period where he painted with tints of blue and blue-green with a few somber shades of yellow or red mixed in now and again during 1901-1904. “The Old Guitarist” is one of my favorites!

Reflection Questions:

1)  What is the man doing in the painting?  (playing a guitar)

2)  Why do you think Picasso painted him bent over in that position?  (he is blind, but the elongated figure also represents the style of El Greco’s figures that Picasso painted during this blue period)

3) What colors do you see?  (blues, blue-greens, and the blue-brown of the guitar.  This is called a “monochromatic” or all-one-color- painting.)

4)  Why do you think Picasso painted for so many years all in shades of blue? (young students answers will vary: because he felt “blue,” because the man was playing the blues on his guitar, because blue was his favorite color, etc)

5) How does this painting make you feel? (blue, sad, quiet, wondering)

To dig deeper:
For more information about this painting and the study of “blue!” join us for Fireflies @ Coffee and Canvas art studio, 2401 W SR 434 in Longwood, FL,  on Wednesday September 24 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.   We will read this month’s Fireflies choice: The Great Blue House [See our Fireflies’ book review HERE.] and then will create a painting or pottery project based on this adorable book!  Come dig deeper into Picasso and the color blue.
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