A House in the Woods

Author and Illustrator:  Inga Moore

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DSC_3674When two little pigs build simple huts in the woods, they find that their friends Bear and Moose have also moved in.  There is only one problem – quite a big problem, actually – Bear and Moose are much too large for the little pigs’ homes and as soon as they move about. . . well, the tiny huts collapse!

The four friends decide to call on a team of Beaver Builders to help them make a real house where they can all live together.  The Beavers said thatimages-13 they wished to be paid in peanut-butter sandwiches; and the work of felling timber begins.

You will find yourself totally absorbed in each captivating illustration of this delightful story.  This cast of endearing, industrious characters are climbing ladders, driving trucks, mixing cement, hammering shingles, hanging curtains, and of course making peanut-butter sandwiches!

When at last the work and home is finished and the four friends are sitting around their fireplace telling stories before bed, you’ll feel as though you are sitting right there with them.  Soon it is “Sweet dreams, everyone!”

Mary Kline

1.  What are three jobs the animals had in building the house?

2. What is meant by the phrase, “No one had any objection”?

3. Identify the sentences that show the animals worked together?

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