Max’s Words

Author:  Kate Banks
Illustrator:  Boris Kulikov

9780374399498On the top shelf of my closet, in a box, is my Uncle John’s stamp collection. It was handed down to me. I’m at a loss as to what to do with it.  In my dining room, filling two china cabinets, is my grandmother’s collection of  fine china – also handed down to me.  I delight in that collection.  And yet there is still another; for overflowing three large shelving units in our back hallway is my collection . . . books.

Perhaps that is why I fell in love with this unusual and delightful story.   For not only is Max a collector, as I would assume all of us tend to be, but Max collects something quite special.   When he realizes his brothers are collecting stamps and coins – “He gave it some thought.  Finally he said, “I’m going to collect words.'” 

Max collected words that made him feel good: PARK, BASEBALL, DOGS, and HUGS.


Max collected words of things he liked to eat: BANANAS, PANCAKES, ICE CREAM.  But that isn’t all!

As Max’s word collection grew, some very unusual and interesting things began to happen. Piles of words spread everywhere, and soon one word lead to another and Max had created something pretty exciting! The entire family had gotten involved with Max’s words!

The  illustrations in this story will most likely have even your youngest readers soon collecting words of their own!

Mary Byrne Kline

1.  Name a category of words you would choose to collect.

2.  Why do you think Max was wise to share his with his brothers?

3.  What happened when Max put his words together?