The Penderwicks

Author:  Jeanne BirdsallThe_PenderwicksSummer is the perfect time for exploration and adventure!  And that is exactly what the four Penderwick sisters experience once they arrive for vacation at the sprawling estate called Arundel.  Meeting Jeffrey – the son of the estate’s owner – is a perfect companion in their escapades; much to the chagrin of his prim and proper mother, Mrs. Tifton.

It isn’t as though the children look for ways to cause problems.  It’s just that Mrs. Tifton’s gardens are so lovely and full of places to hide and play.  The hedges provide cover while the rows of roses and pink jasmine fill the air with sweet scents, often causing the girls to stop and admire their beauty while playing.  Fortunately, there are also large urns, carved all over with vines and flowers in the garden.  Unfortunately, they usually have 3-4 inches of muddy water in the bottom; and that is just where Skye had to jump in and hide one day when Mrs. Tifton came huffing and puffing into the garden!

But where will Skye and Batty hide when Mrs. Tifton comes home early and finds them in the piano room with Jeffrey?  And what should happen if she ever knew about the rope ladder out Jeffrey’s window, or being chased by a bull or ? . . .

Although it is on a little higher reading level,  children of all ages would delight in listening to this charming, old-fashioned story.  The characters are relatable, and the humor and excitement will surely make this a family favorite.

Mary Byrne Kline