The Little House

Author and Illustrator:  Virginia Lee Burton



As the Little House sits alone on the small country hill, she looks out her windows at all the beauty around her.  She is especially fond of the many apple trees, that change with the seasons; bringing flowers and birds in the spring and juicy apples in the fall.   At night she peers out at the starry sky, often watching the moon transform from a slivering arc to a glowing ball, lighting up her yard.   How she loves to peek out her windows and watch the children play in the fields of daises in the summer and build funny  snowmen in the winter.   She hardly notices the city, so far off in the distance.

But one day the bulldozers and large road graders come.  Soon a road has been built alongside the Little House.  Before long, buildings spring up all around, traffic seems to come from everywhere, and the fields of daisies and apple trees have disappeared.  At night, the quiet starry sky can no longer be seen because of the crowded buildings surrounding the Little House.   Gone is the laughter of the children at play in the yard, and the Little House stands alone.

Until one day… a lady walks by, stops and stares at the Little House with a look of surprise.  “That little house looks just like the Little House my grandmother lived in when she was a little girl – only that Little House was way out in the country on a little hill with daisies and apple trees growing around.”  She is quite sad at how shabby Little House has become in the city.


You will need to read the rest of the story to find out what happens, but I think you AND Little House will both be very happy with how the story ends!

 Mary Byrne Kline

1.  How would you describe the feelings Little House had while living in the city?

2.  Why do you think the lady made the decision to move Little House?

3.  If you could move your house anywhere, where would you choose? Why?