Joy in the Sillies

           If you’re anything like me, the end of the school year was a blur as our schedule filled up with extra places to be as everything came to a close. Between end of the year parties, talent shows, and parades…I was in a state of exhaustion at the end of it all! In those moments of non-stop running, I could feel tension rise in my body and stress levels that left me feeling edgy and frustrated. As much as I would try hard to make the puzzle pieces of our schedule all fit to work together, inevitably within a few hours of waking, things would shift tossing my puzzle pieces in the air! Cue deep breaths.


         Over the last couple weeks, I have been leaning into the Spirit and asking God to help me relax and have more fun with my children. I want to laugh more. Not just the courtesy laugh where they do something only they think is silly. But the kind of laugh that comes from my gut. The kind where we both are living in the moment and feeling connected. I want them to feel my joy in spending time with them.


         So, this summer, I am on my own adventure to find joy in the sillies. To let my fears and anxiety about what might happen go and let God fill me with adoration for what is happening right now. I want to be present in their adorable voices, in the funny way they say some of their words, and even in the silly things they do that may even make a mess! I don’t want to miss a thing.


         Moms, are you with me? Let’s soak these precious days in!!

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