TMAS Box Word Prompts

Story, Wooden peg  and colorful wordsIf you have been following us for awhile, and have your own TMAS box, why not add some silly word prompts to your storytelling box this month?

The sillier, the better.   Disclaimer: When you invite children to be silly, they will get carried away and you will wonder why you ever took our advise.  (And you will determine to never listen to me again!)    We are halfway through our month of “Summer Sillies”… you can do it!

NOTE:  Don’t forget to tape your storytelling adventures.   If for no other reason than to play this month’s silly stories when your children are adults.   They will be mortified (in the same way they are when they see themselves in family pictures sporting giant hair bows or rolled-down “donut socks” as children) and you can just sit back and smile, remembering the days they were little and you were in charge.

Here is a .pdf file of TMAS Word Prompts to get you started!

LINK to TMAS Podcast,
in case you missed it, or don’t know what a TMAS box is all about.

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