How the Ladies Stopped the Wind

Author:  Bruce McMillan
Illustrator:  Gunnella


Oh!  Those ladies in Iceland are up to another silly adventure!  This time it’s the wind that is causing them difficulty when they are trying to enjoy walks outdoors.  Even the chickens are flying through the air!  The ladies (and the chickens) lie down in the grass to think of a solution to this troubling situation.

The idea to plant trees is decided upon,  and soon the ladies area busy digging.   Worried that the local sheep might be a problem, the ladies gather around their little trees and begin singing, “Please, please, don’t eat the trees.  Please, please, don’t eat the trees.”  The sheep just look at them with curiosity and keep eating grass. They had no idea what the singing is all about.

Until one day… oh dear!  The sheep discovered tasty little buds on the trees and soon all of the tiny trees had been eaten.

The ladies ordered more trees.  Then they decided to speak to the cows, thinking perhaps the cows could lead the sheep away from the trees and towards the grass. And soon the ladies were singing again, “Sheep stay out, the cows are your friends.  Sheep go away, just follow your friends.”  Those ladies sure did like to sing!


It seems as though the whole village is involved in the plan of protecting the trees; even the chickens have their role.  But will it be enough?  Will the sheep stop eating the trees?  Will the trees grow large enough to stop the wind?  When you find the answer you will be smiling at the determination of the ever-singing Icelandic ladies and their steadfast chickens.

Oh, and here’s my review of The Problem with Chickens in case you missed it.

Mary Kline

1.  Was planting trees a good idea? Why?

2.  Can you list 3 things the ladies did to try and help their trees grow? Which ideas were helpful?

3.  What does it mean when someone says, “Word spread”?

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