Summer Reading Rewards!

Just got my copy of Family Fun magazine, saw this cute idea & had to share!

Such a simple way to create some excitement and anticipation in your summer reading family. Check out our past Fireflies’ book lists, choose some for your summer reading pleasure, fill up some envelopes with “treasures” and create a sense of wonder on a piece of foam board. Love it!                 

9f0177a4c9b0a303244ef60925949812Photograph by Michael Piazza

Here’s a surefire way to build excitement around the written word. Inspired by book-bingo handouts used by librarians, we designed a treat-packed home version that rewards frequent and wide-ranging reading. Whether your kids are born bookworms or reluctant readers, they’ll get a kick out of earning prizes through their bookish pursuits — and never suspect that they’re also boosting their literacy skills.

Make the Board:  1. With strips of double-sided tape, attach 16 envelopes to a sheet of foam core or sturdy corrugated cardboard in a grid as shown (our board measures 21 by 29 inches). 2. Make labels for each envelope with the type of book to be read listed on the label. 3. Fill each envelope with a prize (see suggestions below) and seal it with a label affixed with double-sided tape.

Hit the Books:  After finishing a book on a specified topic, the reader opens the corresponding envelope to find a prize. Here are envelope-stuffers that would work well with a few of our topics shown in the above image.

For a book about:  Space: Glow-in-the-dark star stickers Art: A little paint set Another Country: A toy airplane Jokes: A bite-size Snickers bar Animals: A toy critter Fairy Tales: A tube of glitter glue Science Fiction: A toy robot

Originally published in the June/July 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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