The Little Red Hen

This classic fable is illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

photo (11)If it’s time for chores at your house and you are hearing, “Not I…Not I”, it may be a good time to reach for The Little Red Hen.  Jerry Pinkney has masterfully retold this timeless and beloved fable of the hardworking hen and her lazy neighbors.   His exquisite watercolor illustrations add both charm and humor to the delightful tale.

photo (12)

Mother Hen does her best to recruit her neighbors into helping her plant seeds and harvest wheat for making bread.   Even though unwilling to provide help in any way, the short brown dog, the thin gray rat, the tall black goat, and the round pink pig all watch with great interest as Mother Hen works to plant and harvest her grain.  At long last the bread was done.

“As the little red hen took the hot loaf out of the oven, a tasty aroma circled the barnyard.”

I don’t think I have to remind you about what happened next! I think you know just who enjoyed that tasty loaf!

photo (14)Mary Byrne Kline

Ask your little ones questions that develop higher order critical thinking skills:

  1. How do you think the little red hen felt doing all of the work by herself?
  2. What lesson did the animals learn? Do you think they will be more willing to help out next time? Why or why not?
  3. How would the story be different if all the animals had agreed to help the little red hen with the work?

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