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Fireflies Coffee & Canvas: 6/11 our “summer sillies” book


If you live in the Orlando area, join us for FirefliesBlog @ Coffee and Canvas!   You don’t want to miss this unique Fireflies experience.    This is not an art class…it’s much more!    We believe in creating family legacy moments – those experiences that a child, holds close and desires to replicate when they become a parent.  This is one of those experiences.    Parent and child come together at Coffee and Canvas, owned by Fireflies’ Art Contributor, Laura Bird Miller. Laura will read a FirefliesBlog book and share an art masterpiece (see her blog posts on FirefliesBlog) and then together, you will have studio time to create your own family masterpiece based on either the book or the chosen art masterpiece. The next story/art time is Wednesday, June 11th.    Class times are 10 – 12pm.  Please register in advance so that Laura has enough materials for you and your child.


Three Hens and a Peacock, will be shared on June 11th.
See Mary’s book review June 6th.


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Three Hens and a Peacock, will be shared on June 11th.
See Mary’s book review HERE.

Not only will we be reading Three Hens and a Peacock and painting peacocks, we’ll also take a look at more of Rene’ Magritte’s surrealism artwork LINK and have the opportunity to create our own “silly” surrealist piece as well! Call for more information and to register for this fun summer project! This is a great way to make time to share the Fireflies opportunities we blog about with your children!

Here’s what we painted for our first FirefliesBlog@Coffee & Canvas on May 21st: Little Red Hen!  Such fun…

photo (28)

May 21st – Little Red Hen

June 11th – Three Hens and a Peacock

July 9th – A House in the Woods

Call and register today.  SPACE IS LIMITED!  The flyer below has all the details.

FirefliesBlog @ Coffee and Canvas FLYER

Back Home

Author:  Gloria Jean Pinkney
Illustrator:  Jerry Pinkney


When you hear the words “back home”, what pictures come to your mind?  What memories flood into your thoughts?  Well, for eight-year-old Ernestine, those words held no pictures, no thoughts came to mind.  She hadn’t  been on her family’s North Carolina homestead since she was  too young to remember.    That’s why Mama put Ernestine on a train for a visit “back home.”   Mama knew the importance of family; of Ernestine meeting Uncle June,  Aunt Beula, and Cousin Jack.

Ernestine recalls Mama’s stories of her family and growing up years when Uncle June arrives to pick her up at the train station.  “Mama used to ride to the schoolhouse in the back of this pickup truck, didn’t she, Uncle June?”  Ernestine shouted, jumping up and down and dancing all around it.  “Every day,” he replied.

Cousin Jack teases Ernestine about her “citified” clothes, yet Ernestine works hard to fit in around the farm. She admires Cousin Jack’s new baby goats- even suggests names for them, helps with kitchen chores, and plays with Jack in the barn.  That didn’t work out too well, as she tumbled down the ladder and landed in the hard corn.  But even though he teases her, Ernestine knows she has both a cousin and a friend for life when Jack gives her something as she packs her satchel to go home.

“I have a present for you,” he said, and gave her a small rawhide pouch.  She loosened the  drawstring  and looked inside.   Jack had a big smile on his face.  “So you won’t be forgetting the fun we had.”

As Ernestine packs her satchel to return home she lovingly replaces her Mama’s scrapbook back on the bedroom shelf, puts the overalls back in the drawer until next summer, takes one last look at Mama’s room and pulls the door closed.  At last the words “back home” now have become part of her.

Mary Byrne Kline

1.  What did Cousin Jack name his goat?  Why do you think he gave her that name?

2.  What does the word “chores” mean? What were some chores around the farm?

3.  What was in the pouch Jack gave Ernestine? Was it just for fun?

Listen as Jerry Pinkney talks about his award-winning wordless picture book, Lion & the Mouse, another great book for your home library even if we didn’t review it this month.   Let’s face it, we’re just crazy about the art of Jerry Pinkney.   If you are interested as we are about the how and why authors and illustrators make the decisions they do, you will enjoy this short YouTube video.

My Prayer Poem


Thank you God for all that grows,

Thank you for the sky’s rainbows.

Thank you for the stars that shine,

Thank you for these friends of mine.

Thank you for the moon and sun,

Thank you God for all you’ve done!

Meet Mark Labberton

Talking to Our Children about Talking to God

Labberton (sm) (1024x683)

Dr. Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary

What is the best way to introduce our children to prayer? This year we plan to ask that question of several spiritual development specialists because passing along an exciting prayer life is one of a parent’s greatest contributions.

The first of these conversations is ready for your listening enjoyment. It features Mark Labberton, a husband, father and pastor who was recently named president of Fuller Theological Seminary. Listen as Mark explains how he and his wife raised two boys to view talking to God as a natural part of their day.

Listen in iTunes and subscribe to Chasing Fireflies’ Podcasts HERE.

Talking to Our Children about Talking to God

a conversation between Gil Moegerle & Dr. Mark Labberton