Poem: If You Catch a Firefly

If You Catch a Firefly

by Lilian Moore

photo (1)

“Catching Fireflies” by Laura Bird Miller

If you catch a firefly

and keep it in a jar

You may find that

you have lost

A ti-ny star.


If you let it go then,

back into the night,

You may see it

once again,

Shine very bright.





Learn this poem in preparation for the book we will share on Friday, When Lightening Comes in a Jar by Patricia Polacco!  For those of you fortunate to live where fireflies flicker in the front yard… recite this poem with your children as you “catch a firefly”!  Oh, and don’t miss Rachel’s precious Fireflies family craft project next Monday!

Thank you for artist, Laura Bird Miller, for the lovely Fireflies painting!

Deni Corbett

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