When I Was Young In The Mountains

Author:  Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator:  Diane Goode

when-i-was-young-in-the-mountains-cover-1In the hub-bub and busyness of our everyday lives, it’s often hard to slow down and appreciate simple pleasures.   In this beautifully illustrated story of a young child spending time with her grandparents in their mountain home, you’ll find yourself drawn to those very things.  Each page seems to awaken a sense that you can almost touch, smell, or feel.   When Grandfather comes home all covered with black, sooty dust from working in the coal mine, “only his lips were clean, and he used them to kiss the top of my head.”    You’ll almost smell their corn bread and fried okra at supper, feel the coolness of their muddy swimming hole, and  hear the frogs sing at dusk outside the windows.

Ahh! – Grandfather, Grandmother, and the little ones all sitting on the porch in the evening. Grandmother was in the swing, shelling the beans. They all watch the stars come out in the big, night sky.  It was a time of great contentment for our little child, a time of just being young in the mountains.

 Mary Byrne Kline

1.  How would you explain how Grandfather got covered with black dust?imgres-2

2.  Describe the process the children went through in order to take a bath.

3. What facts tell you that they did not have electricity?


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