Stormy Weather

Author and Illustrator: Debi Gliori

stormy_weather-picLREach and very night, little animals around the world cuddle up and prepare for sleep under starry skies.   Do their mommies tuck them in, read them stories, and say good night?  Oh my! And what should happen to them in stormy weather or on the darkest of nights?  If your children are at all curious about these things, then this book is certainly a must-read.

You will see Mother Otter snuggle her baby while the waves crash,  Mother Owl tightly wrap her wings around her baby during high winds, and Mother Polar Bear protecting her cub with a snowy four-poster bed – all shared in sweet rhyme.

Pull up the quilt, turn out the light,
dear child, it’s time to say good night.

In darkness black and soft and deep,
I’ll watch beside you while you sleep.


The lovely watercolor illustrations will soothe away any bedtime fears, while preparing your little ones for sleepy snuggles and  sweet dreams.


1. Can you recall a time when you were afraid at night?

2. How would you compare the foxes home to the home of the polar bear?

3. What are some ways you stay safe in a storm?


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