TMAS: Weather

March: a LION or a LAMB?



For this month’s “Tell Me a Story” Box, place items in your box that have to do with weather and ask children to make up a story that involves:

  • the sun
  • snow/ice
  • rain and/or
  • wind


Here are some ideas you can use to represent different weather options:

  • a small spray bottle for water (rain).
  • plastic ice cubes which we placed in the freezer and took out just before opening our TMAS box (cold/ice).  I found some at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but you could certainly use a real (free) ice cube…just make sure the story is short and you have towels nearby!
  • a small plastic bag of fake snow (snow).
  • a wooden sun from Michaels craft store (sun/heat).
  • make a paper accordion paper fan (wind).
  • share with us your ideas in the comment section below



  1. Let’s tell me a story and in that story make it rain.  (snow, etc.)
  2. I wonder if we could tell a story where the weather actually is a character?
    “One day Mr. Wind….”
  3. What would happen if the sun was tired of always having to be so hot all the time?  What might happen if the sun decided to go skiing one day?

Remember to give very young children fewer choices in your story box.  They can become overwhelmed with too many choices.  The goal is to have fun with your TMAS box this month and don’t forget to tap the “record” button on your phone when you start.  Verbal treasures are common in our TMAS families and classrooms!

What is a TMAS [Tell me a story] box?  Click here!

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Deni Corbett

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