The Problem with Chickens

Author: Bruce McMillan
Illustrator:  Gunnella

When you’ve just gotten interested in a story and you come to a sentence that says, “That is when the problem started,” – you know you’re in for a treat!

The ladies in this Icelandic village bought the chickens to solve their problems.  They never imagined the chickens would forget they were chickens and begin acting like the ladies!

“When the ladies went to a birthday party, the chickens went too. When the ladies sang to the sheep, the chickens sang too.”

Things were completely out of control.  That is when the ladies came up with a clever idea.  They knew how to get the chickens acting like chickens again. Can you guess what they did?

Coming up with a clever solution to solve a problem is always a good idea, don’t you agree?

Mary Byrne Kline

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