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This month our theme is Freedom Songs.   Here are some words put to a familiar tune you can share with your little one(s).   For older children, consider creating a poem from a section of Dr. King’s inspiring speech, “I Have a Dream”.  (See directions below.)

tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Freedom, Freedom let it ring
“Let it ring”, together we sing.

Let us live in harmony
Peace and love for you and me.

Freedom freedom let it ring
“Let it ring”, together we sing.

Martin Luther King’s SPEECH


The following activity comes from Kenn Nesbit’s site:  Poetry4Kids.com  


Dr. King uses poetic language throughout his speeches.  Try reading through one or more of his most famous ones, and pull out one section that really sound like a poem to you.  Arrange it on paper in a poetic format.  You do this in several ways:

  • Start each line with the same phrase (repetition, as in Activity One)
  • Make the poem take a shape.  For example:

A poem
that is all
about a mountain
may get taller in the middle
and then shorter on
the ends so that
it takes on the

  • End lines with rhyming, or close to rhyming, words.
  • Separate stanzas to emphasize certain words or emotions.

Here is an example of finding a poem in one of Dr. King’s speeches.  This excerpt is from “The Birth of a New Nation.”  I have rearranged it to show emphasis and rhyme.

Promised Land

There is a great day ahead.
The future is on its side.

It’s going now through the wilderness,
but the Promised Land is ahead.

Be sure to create a space for created poems to be shared because words take on their greatest strength when spoken aloud.

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