Art of the Senses


Master Artist Andrew Wyeth: “Wind from the Sea” (1947)

Poetry is music to our ears as fine art is a symphony for our eyes.  “Good” art can elicit our senses and bring about emotion.  Drink in this beautiful painting by Andrew Wyeth with your eyes and share:

When I look at this painting, “Wind from the Sea,” by Andrew Wyeth…

1.  I feel: _________(a sense of wonder, a cool/warm breeze, happy/sad, the curtains tickle my arm?)

2.  I smell: _________ (fresh-cut grass, a warm breeze, fresh air?)

3.  I hear: _________(curtains flapping, the wind whistling, mosquitoes buzzing, birds singing, grandpa/grandma humming?)

4.  I can almost taste: ________(grandma’s cinnamon-apple sauce, fresh bread, etc.)

Andrew Wyeth’s paintings are known for their realism and emotional impact.  What greater way for students to learn about this artist but to engage their senses?  To learn more about Andrew Wyeth, click here.

“One’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes.”
Andrew Wyeth


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Author:  Laura Bird Miller

Artist/Art Instructor
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