The Carnival of the Animals

Composer:  Camille Saint-Saens
Verses by:  Jack Prelutsky
Illustrated by:  Mary GrandPre’

carnival-of-the-animals-grandpre-prelutskyThe Carnival of the Animals may have originally been intended to introduce young children to classical music, but children of all ages will fall in love with this captivating book!

Welcome to our carnival,
Where birds and beasts and such
Behave a lot like people do,
At times a bit too much.

While enjoying the somewhat hysterically colorful animals that gallop, hop, tromp, fly, and glide across the pages, the reader is also drawn into the rhythm and cadence of the musical CD.

I truly thought I could hear the elephants approaching as I read Prelutsky’s poem and listened to the music…

When elephants gather, the ground starts to tremble
Beneath the great weight of their ponderous feet.
Be glad there are elephants left to assemble –
Without them our planet would feel incomplete.

Carnival of the Elephant (Saint – Saens)

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Along with introducing children to classical music,  why not provide them with the opportunity to  act out the animal roles as they listen to the music and the verses?  I’m certain there will be an animal to spark every child’s interest.

Mary Byrne Kline



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