Bear Stays Up

imgres-3Author:  Karma Wilson
Illustrator:  Jane Chapman

Here at Fireflies we LOVE the “great brown bear”.   In his cave in the woods, in his deep, dark lair,  sometimes Bear Snores On.   During November, Bear learned a valuable lesson with all of his woodland friends in Bear Says Thanks.  Now we want you to join Bear and his friends for Christmas!

Bear’s friends are determined to keep him awake for Christmas!  But they have a problem.

“The day before Christmas,
snuggled on his floor,

Bear sleeps soundly
with a great big snore.”

With a stretch and a great sigh,  Bear awakes and his little friends soon have him stomping and tromping through the woods.  They’ve hoisted a Christmas tree onto his back to decorate in his cave. Soon corn is popping, tea is brewing, but Bear’s eyelids are drooping. “But Bear stays up.”  All the friends hang stockings and sing songs until all but one has dozed off… can you guess “who” has stayed up?

Bear works away, piling presents under the tree.  “Someone”  appears in the doorway to  the cave.  Who could be making this surprise visit?


Mary Byrne Kline

1.  What word is used for animals sleeping through the winter?

2. Name some ways the animal friends helped each another.

3. From whom did Bear receive the quilt?

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