A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

Author:  Colleen Monroe
Illustrator:  Michael Glenn Monroe

imgres-2Have you ever wanted to be taller… shorter?  Maybe you’ve thought someone would like you better if you could change something about yourself, so you tried to change.  True friends will like us for who we are on the inside and the outside.  That’s a lesson our tall, lonely pine tree at the edge of the Christmas tree farm needs to learn.

As families drive out to the tree farm to choose and cut down their Christmas tree, the excitement of being chosen builds among the fat Scotch pines –  all except for one.  He knows his days of being picked are over.

“I’ll never be taken home, I’m too big and too tall.”
His sobbing and crying made his pine needles fall.

However, tall pine’s wish to become a Christmas tree is about to be answered in a most unusual way.  Over the years, without ever complaining, he has provided shelter and resting places for countless woodland creatures.  That night while tall pine sleeps a special gift from all his friends takes place.

The first morning sun brought a wondrous sight,
as icicles glimmered and captured the light!

Tall pine realized that being a good friend and having true friends  was even more important than being a Christmas tree.

Mary Byrne Kline

1.  Name something kind you could do for someone.

2.  Does a treasure have to cost a lot of money?



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