My Favorite Gifts #4

Gift #4 is a “Legacy Moment” MP3

Children love music, especially when the lyrics and tunes become familiar friends.

Once upon a time there were standard children’s songs that became the steady diet of the young.  All together now:

Row, row, row ___
If you’re happy and you know it ___
This little ___
Head and shoulders ___
Deep and ____
The wheels on the ___

As a child, I learned these simple tunes in

Sunday School
Backyard Clubs (remember those?)
Girl Scouts
School (Do you remember the first “round” you learned in music class and the joy of being a part of harmony YOU helped to create?) and
The car as we enjoyed singing together as a family.

When our two children were little, we endured long car trips by playing Steve Green’s Hide Them in your Heart cassette (Remember those?   They came on the heels of 8 tracks!)   Over and over and over again we heard spiritual truths put to music as they became a part of our family legacy.  It seems like just yesterday Jamie’s young voice could be heard coming from the back seat as she sang “Keep thy tongue from eagles…”, as her big brother rolled his eyes.

Which brings me to my next favorite gift for children.


This is the perfect player for young children…just PERFECT, and trust me, I have spent many hours trying to find a product where I could control the content and a child could easily find the on button.  This is it!  I have purchased two already and getting ready to purchase a 3rd.

Loaded on my grandchildren’s SweetPea are the songs from their parents’ childhood along with some special family voices reading favorite stories.

I adore SweetPea and the new player has even more features:


  • Bedtime Trainer: A series of songs created by award winning musician Helen Austin guides kids through the bedtime process and helps ensure you have enough time to read to your kids every night.
  • Parental Sleep-In Trainer: Your child wakes to a red LCD screen indicating they must stay in their room. The countdown timer and green screen tells them when they are allowed to enter your room.
  • Nap Alarms: Prevent your kids from oversleeping their naps. No more kids up at midnight because they napped too long.
  • Volume Control: You set the maximum volume they can adjust. Separate controls for speaker and headphones.
  • Auto Off Control: You set how long the player will play before automatically shutting off. Great for having them fall asleep to music.
  • Multiple playlists: Whether it’s play time or calm time, you can arrange songs according to the mood you want to set.
  • Kid Safe: Our players ensure safety and child health in everything from material selection, design and operation.

Gotta run.  I have to download Hide them in your Heart on two players so that the next generation’s eyes will light up when they hear the familiar, “Keep Thy Tongue from Eagles.”

Here’s some more music to check out:  Go Fish and Seed Family Worship.

Share your current music favorites for children
for a chance to win a SweetPea MP3!

Merry Christmas!
Deni Corbett

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