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“Christmas at Home” by Grandma Moses

It’s no secret that Anna Mary Robertson, fondly known as “Grandma Moses,” was an amazing woman and a sweet grandma who didn’t even start painting until she was 76 years old.  Her work is known as “primitive” art or folk art.  She depicted many holidays which were often used for Hallmark cards.  She also illustrated a version of “The Night Before Christmas” when she was 100 years old.  Her paintings tell timeless stories children and adults love.  She has inspired many housewives, senior citizens, and children to believe in their abilities and follow their hearts with their art. 

Take a moment this busy holiday season to sit with your child and enjoy precious moments and the priceless artwork of Grandma Moses!  

Reflection questions:

1.  The title of the piece is “Christmas at Home.” How do know it’s Christmas time?

2.  What are some of the activities going on in the room?

3.  What are some of the presents the children in the painting received?

After sharing this masterpiece and a few fun facts about Grandma Moses, you can, with just a piece of paper or a sketchbook and some markers or crayons, inspire your children to tell their own Christmas story.  We’d love to see their inspirations and listen with our eyes to their stories!  Please share them with us and have a blessed Christmas!

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AUTHOR:  Laura Bird Miller


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This is a must have book for your home library.   It will delight every year as you discuss the illustrations and enjoy the classic verse of “Twas the Night..”

Publisher’s Weekly Review

Magically bringing the sights, sounds, and sprit of the holiday season to life, Grandma Moses’s unique illustrations elevate Moore’s text to a new level. Readers will delight as they escape the commercialism of today’s holiday season and share in the experience of a real New England Christmas. Like a warm cup of cocoa on a snowy evening, the book envelops you in the comfort of tradition, innocence and simplicity. Author, curator, and principal of Grandma Moses Properties, Jane Kallir has provided an introduction highlighting Grandma Moses’s impact on the art world, and on America in the postwar years. This fully authorized edition of The Night Before Christmas is the perfect gift for children, adults, fans of Grandma Moses, and art lovers.

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