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Apron Adventures – All Aboard!

When you have boys, every activity inevitably ends up having a vehicle of some sort so I shouldn’t have been surprised that this is what the boys finally agreed on for our little holiday snack.

This activity was just about perfect for my 3-year old’s tiny fingers and he was thrilled that he could do every bit of the assembly himself.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • wafer cookies
  • red and green hard life savers candy
  • just a smidge of frosting to use as glue
  • knife
  • cutting board


Lay two cookies next to each other.


Stack two more wafer cookies directly on top.


Take 3 wafer cookies and cut in half to make smaller rectangles


Position two of the smaller cookies horizontally along one end of the vertical longer cookies.


Stack another two of the shorter pieces on top of the last two shorter cookies.


Finish up by stacking the last two cookies on top.


Using a bit of frosting as glue, stack 4 life savers.


Turn the little candy tower on its side and position on the cookies.


Using frosting, attach 4 lifesavers for the wheels on the sides of the “train”.  We added one more directly on the front for a Christmas wreath.


The boys loved the project since I just let my little engineers look at the model and they figured out how to build it all on their own.


As you can see, those little fingers can do this activity with ease!


And speaking of little fingers, honestly, aren’t those the sweetest little fingers?


They were very proud of their choo-choo train and even more excited to eat it!


If you have older children in the house, this activity could easily be made a bit more complex by letting them decorate in detail their creations with some royal icing and some candies, or you could even create a small tender and multiple cars behind the engine.

Author: Rachel Skvaril
Sugar Artist
Fondant Flinger


  1. Joyce Larmore says:

    Adorable as always!

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