TMAS: Humphrey

It’s the perfect time to create a Legacy Moment with your child by filling your

TMAS [Tell Me a Story] box for Christmas.   

Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer is our inspiration for December’s TMAS box.


I printed out this .pdf of a camel  LINK and placed it in the box along with scraps of fabric and trimmings. [Note:  This camel is pretty small and fragile.  A younger child will get frustrated making this Humphrey move.]  Remember to limit the number of objects in your box to no more than 5 (3 for very young children).   I added some felt blue “water” from a previous TMAS box and a couple of rocks.  I’ll probably also add a cap full of water later.   Water and rocks always extend storytime!

Other ideas for your box:

  • Sand (Brookstone has a great new sand product that is moldable but doesn’t stick to your hands.  It’s awesome, though expensive…)  I decided to use rice instead of sand.
  • Sticks and fabric to make a tent for Humphrey
  • Manger
  • small  boxes decorated as Christmas presents, or pictures of presents
  • what else???

After sharing Humphrey’s First Christmas with your family (a Fireflies’ mandatory event…), bring out your TMAS box and have fun creating your own story adventures with Humphrey, the camel.


“Humphrey’s First Christmas” Author and Illustrator, our friend, Carol Heyer.

A simple, “I wonder what other adventures Humphrey might have next?   Do you think we should  make him a new blanket since he gave his away?…,”  will start the ideas flowing.  Be sure to journal or record your time together.   Our TMAS moments have become treasured time spent together.   Don’t miss our TMAS podcast LINK if you haven’t heard it lately.  The best part is the ending….

Also, if you live in the Orlando area, our Fireflies Store inside Coffee & Canvas WEBSITE has a delightful selection of TMAS boxes that you can purchase, paint, and personalize!

… a wonderful family date-night idea.

Deni Corbett

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