My Favorite Gifts #3


Melissa & Doug’s Shopping Cart

IMG_7821This shopping cart is a favorite!  Actually, I’ve already purchased two of these: one for each of the homes where my grandchildren live.  You see, I started out with 2 grandsons and we all know that children love to push things, especially if they can also fill them with treasures.   Now for little girls, this is an easy purchase..a stroller, most of which are pink.  But nothing for little boys who also love to push around collected treasures.

Then one day I walked into a children’s shop and spotted this shopping cart, turned to my husband and said, “I’m not even looking at the price tag.  It’s mine.”  Something I have never said to my husband, but I was simply in love with this cart.  It is extremely well made and exactly what I wanted for my boys (and future girls) – I just didn’t know that it existed.  We loved throwing it into the back of the car and taking it when we went grocery shopping with grandbabies.   It’s an adorable site; seeing a little one pushing this child-sized cart down the aisles.




That was four years ago and it is still a favorite toy today.   The best price I found was on (see below) for $49.00.  Be sure to look around for an even better price.  It’s $69 on the Melissa and Doug site, but perhaps they will run a sale before Christmas.  You won’t be disappointed.

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